Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions help you transform into a dynamic enterprise through actionable intelligence. We have solutions which help you with faster and efficient deployment. From consulting, articulation and development, to deployment and support, Shray Tech can architect and implement data warehouses and BI systems, employing solution accelerators, process frameworks and jumpstart analytical kits, for any part of your business process.

Our deep domain experience of over 1650 person years and our coverage of the various industries like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Travel and Transportation, Healthcare & Lifesciences helps you formulate the enterprise wide BI strategy keeping firm focus on your business outcomes.

Our Core Expertise - helping organizations

  • To architect, implement and maintain Enterprise Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence / Analytics solutions.
  • To setup BI COE / BI Hub of any size.
  • To solve point BI needs across multiple platforms in Reporting - Data Integration / ETL - Portal / Dashboard & Product Upgrade.
  • Implement solutions for Master Data Management, Metadata repository, and Data Quality.

Why Shray Technologies?

  • Actionable Intelligence - Optimize the returns on your Business intelligence & Analytics investment by identifying opportunities to build operational efficiencies.
  • Predictive Analytics - Create a 360 degree customer view to predict the business outcomes.
  • Enable smarter decision making.
  • Strong Strategic Alliances - Leverage our key strategic alliances with all the leading vendors in Business Intelligence space enabling you to choose best solution for your enterprise.

Our core capabilities in the BI space include:

  • Certified Architects & Developers
  • Deliver projects on specification, on time and on budget.
  • Realize business benefits from the BI implementations
  • Seamlessly integrate BI with the ERP systems
  • Establishing one single point of truth for enterprise wide decision support

We excel in the following tools:

  • BI Web Accelerator
  • BI Test Drive
  • BI Live
  • BI Jump Start Training
  • BI Performance Tuning
  • BI Security
  • BI Support & Maintenance