Application & Infrastructure Outsourcing

Application Outsourcing

Our Application Outsourcing services include application services required to provide for the day-to-day operations, support, and maintenance of enterprise applications, relieving clients from the high cost of managing enterprise applications. Our focus is on mission-critical applications that have a high degree of complexity and transactional applications that are core to our customers' business processes.

Application Outsourcing is delivered via an annuity-based contract – focused on activities and SLAs as opposed to a project-based activity to deliver specific functionality. Due to the annuity nature of Application Outsourcing contracts, we provide a number of application outsourcing services from requirements analysis to deployment and from deployment to end-of-life. These services can be procured either in a standalone format or as a combination of services in order to provide the required levels of service and support for our clients.

Our Solutions

Shray Technologies Inc. brings a proven history of working with the world's toughest applications and providing a proven outsourcing capability to the table. The combination of our strengths drives strong and lasting value for our clients.

Our Application Outsourcing service offerings include:

Application Operations – Provides day-to-day services, including application monitoring, performance testing, patching,application level access control, and data management with defined service-level objectives to ensure an application's health, performance, and functionality. Shray Tech has a flexible sourcing and delivery model - working at Shray Tech facilities or our client sites. Our scope includes application operations services from deployment to end-of-life outside of code support and maintenance.

Application Support and Maintenance – Provides support and maintenance of Shray Tech’s packaged or custom applications. Helping resolve incidents and problems associated with new and existing applications, our scope includes support and maintenance of application code from deployment to end-of-life. We transfer knowledge of application/support processes and document processes and provide ongoing application help-desk services for Level 2 support and Level 3 when associated with Shray Tech applications

Application Development – Provides application development skills in a managed service environment. As part of an Application Outsourcing contract, we help clients develop and enhance custom or packaged application software. We support all phases of the application-development life cycle, from requirements analysis to deployment, either with Shray Tech’s-optimized SDLC processes or by adapting to client processes and deliverables.

Sharay Technologies Outsourcing

Infrastructure Outsourcing

Today companies are looking for flexibility in IT—from complete transformation of their service delivery model to addressing a specific cost or performance issue, as well as improving IT spend management or streamlining IT operations. From strategy and design to ongoing operations, Shray Tech helps clients create a more cost-effective, secure and responsive infrastructure that scales and adapts to business needs.

Our Approach

Shray Technologies Infrastructure Outsourcing Services provide ongoing end-to-end management of a number of IT infrastructure functions, as well as capacity services to augment clients’ existing IT capabilities. Specific services include:

  • Infrastructure capacity services
  • Service desk outsourcing
  • Workplace outsourcing
  • Data center outsourcing
  • Network outsourcing
  • Security outsourcing and operations
  • IT spend management

Shray Technologies Advantage

Our approach to infrastructure outsourcing enables companies to achieve high performance, including cutting costs and sustaining profitability during these economic times. We are uniquely positioned to help organizations create a cost-effective and reliable IT infrastructure that drives high performance. We offer:

  • Deep skills and experience
  • Global reach
  • Industrialized approach to service delivery
  • Vendor independence
  • A business focus